Thursday, July 28, 2011

Winton to Boulia

What to do when in Dinosaur country?  How about go look for signs that perhaps dinosaurs once roamed this part of the planet?  At Lark Quarry around 95million years ago, a bunch of emu and chicken sized dinosaurs where drinking at the edge of what is now referred to as the Great Inland Sea.  Along came a Theropod who at 4tonnes in weight was a bit bigger then the little guys and was looking for a feed.  As he went in for the kill, the little guys all exited stage left and the good news for us, is that the mud they stampeded across has been fossilised and 3,300 dinosaur footprints have been preserved in stone for us to go back in time and check it all out.  

These dinosaur prints were discovered quite some time ago underneath one of the many Mesas that cover this amazing landscape.  This is gorgeous spinifex country and standing on top of one of the mesas, it feels like you can see forever.  It is a dramatic difference to what many would see as typical Queensland, being the beaches or rainforest, but this is spectacular country and I really enjoyed the journey.

When you do travel to Lark Quarry, allow some time to wander the 3.5km track around the park, you'll see Spinifex Pigeons and Bearded Dragons and you'll see a whole range of different rock of varying colours.  Oh yeah and there's always the Dinosaur prints in the big shed!

Yet another fantastic view in Dinosaur country!

And remember during the wet season (Dec - Mar) many of the roads in this area get flooded and even in July I came across some fairly boggy stretches of road, especially around the great Diamantina River.

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